Have you ever wondered..? 

Have you ever wondered why life gives you feelings for someone who’ll never like you back?

It’s funny how these feelings grow each day when you’re with someone.

Someone asked why you like that person so?

So I replied with, why does the trees grow, why do we breathe?

We don’t have the answers to everything so why try to make sense of it all?

We all have emotions that are tough to hide, and if you’re anything like me, your expressions and your tone says it all.

When your heart is broken, instead of wondering why, wonder why not?

Go deep into your feelings and see what life has taught you.

Life has taught me that it’s possible for me to care for another more than yourself for once.

Since this person loves another, this pain in my chest remains the same.

I bid thee farewell as I have a feeling we won’t cross paths anymore.