Confidence Playlist


June Playlist

This month’s playlist is dedicated to finding confidence. Whether you are a shy and quiet person, as am I, trying to find your voice can be really hard. I a m always nervous to talk to people but I think I am a little out of my shell now. Before I start my day, I enjoy listening to music that arises a confidence in myself I never knew was there. I’ve decided to pick a list of songs I think would fit the playlist well. These songs you may or may not have heard yet and hope you enjoy.



Interracial Couples/Marriages

I’ve sparked a conversation with my fellow colleagues about interracial couples/marriages. In this day and age, there are some people who do not care about the race of a lover but more so of their personality and what they can bring to a potential relationship.

As a female of Asian decent, my parents are both Vietnamese and traditional. We never talked about relationships because in their eyes, I would have to finish college before I can think about being in any relationship. I do respect that but sometimes I go on dates anyways to see if there is a potential spark. I’ve never been in a relationship before but, like everyone, I do have crushes. I’ve realized all of crushes’ races were diverse. Some African-American, Italian, Hispanic and the list goes on.

Now that I’m 20, in Vietnamese culture, there have been habits of parents arranging dates to see if the two individuals are compatible. Also, in the culture, parents should approve of their partner before they can be married or have any further dates. I told my mom, when I graduate college, I will find a partner of my own and you can check them out but please look beneath the surface and look deep into their soul and personality. I don’t want you or anyone to judge my partner based on their race.

In life, everyone goes through struggles. Whether it’s a loss of a job, loss of a friendship, loved ones or even a loss of a home and a sense of self. If you talk to someone of a different race, you can learn about their history and they can understand yours. Interracial couples shouldn’t be perceived as a negative thing but should be embraced.

Over the years, interracial couples have faced discrimination whether it’s with violence from society and verbal or physical abuse. It seems as if people forget how to treat others how they want to be treated. I hear people say all the time about how people will never treat others as an equal but what if we all treat each other with respect and kindness? Yes, if we are a certain race than we might not understand completely on how a different race would feel about a certain topic but there is something called an open discussion. If everyone could have an open discussion but be rational and not throw fists or throw a tantrum when someone disagrees. I’ll admit, when I’m talking about interracial couples/marriages with my parents, they always think that I should be with someone of Vietnamese descent, I automatically become heated in this topic because it frustrates me when I am being pressured to have a relationship with an individual that is the same race as I. I am trying to keep calm when engaging in a conversation with someone who doesn’t see my point of view. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with someone who’s of Vietnamese descent but I would like that to be an option rather than an expectation.

In life, we are all humans who are capable of having a mind of our own. If you want to date someone but may not have a parents’ approval but you think it’s worth fighting for than so be it. We feel because we are alive. We are on earth for a reason and everyone has goals they would like to achieve. We are finding our way and it takes more energy to be hateful than be kind. At the end of the day, we should do what makes us happy than please people.

Happy Pride Month!

Hey all! I never realized that June was pride month until now. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been paying enough attention to news but that changes today. Especially since I’m journalism major! That would be bad wouldn’t it, me wanting to be a journalist but doesn’t pay attention to the news? Well, again I say, that’s about to change. Anyways, I wanted to say that it saddens me that people can be so cruel to the LGBTQ+ community and wanting to pretend they don’t exist. Well they do, we do exist in society.

I wonder why people want to separate society and the LGBTQ+ community as if they don’t belong? Either way, the LGBTQ+ community is not going anywhere and it’s time people treat us as such. I’m tired of hearing, “Oh, it’s just a phase.” Or, “I don’t think so,” and deny that I am apart of it. I have accepted myself and I will continue to not only love myself but love who I want to love.

I’m a bisexual woman but my sexuality isn’t the most fascinating thing about me. It’s time to stop judging others by their sexuality and get to know someone as a human being.

I’ve always known I was into guys and girls. I fell in love for the first time with a girl who didn’t like me in that way. It was heartbreaking and still to this day I’ve been trying to move past it. During that time I recognized my feelings were stronger than wanting to be friends. It was a feeling I didn’t think I could ever feel because I never felt that way with a man. I was ashamed at first for feeling that way because I didn’t know how my friends and family would react. I didn’t tell them I was Bi nor did I tell them about her. I went on YouTube and listened to people’s coming out stories and they were inspiring because despite how scared they were to come out, they never stopped being themselves. One of the YouTube videos that helped me accept myself was called Coming Out-The Official Song by Ally Hills. Ally Hills has honestly helped me come to terms and it’s like saying, “Hey, there isn’t anything wrong with feeling this way. You feel because you’re alive. You’re human and you’re a fantastic human.” Being in the LGBTQ+  community doesn’t mean that you as a person change. Love is love and it has no gender. Although society has always normalized heterosexuality, it isn’t the only type of love. Love should be recognized and celebrated no matter if it’s a man loving a man or a woman loving a woman. There’s nothing wrong with how you feel. What’s wrong is how society wants people in the community to feel ashamed for who they love. They shouldn’t be. Love is a beautiful thing, no matter who you live it with.