When Love Turns Toxic, It’s Time To Leave

Sure, all relationships have problems, but enough is enough.

Everyone deserves a loving and a passionate relationship. Even if it did appear to be so in the beginning. But the relationship progresses into not trusting each other, blasting your problems online and professing love to the other person online when it’s really the partner doing it for them.

Relationships can be a sticky situation but what baffles me is, why are people willing to stay even if it isn’t good for them?

Those couples can say they love each other all they want but it’s really not good for them, self-esteem wise.

I know a couple who are head over heels in love with each other. At first, I envied their love because of the way they looked at each other. They would do anything for the other. Except, the female had a past of other lovers and can be naive at times. That’s why the guy is obsessed with knowing her every move, who she talks to, whatever she does or wherever she goes, he would like to know.

They would go into each other’s social media accounts and

sometimes deletes each others’ messages and friends for no reason.

He is protective of her, but in the process, he calls her names and stuff all because her mind is controlled by her mother. She won’t do anything that would disobey her mother.

They are both tired of it, but if she would stand up to her mother or try to see him on the weekends too instead of just weekdays, then he said they would have a healthier relationship.

He swears he loves her and that’s why he can’t ever leave her and says he’s invested too much to leave now. If she ticks him off, he’ll probably threaten her, but if she’s good and obeys then she won’t.

Their love may be bound, but I guess I won’t understand a toxic relationship.

The one that swears they love each other but are really destroying another soul by all of the problems. Either they work it out themselves but sometimes they announce it on social media. So, it might seem like the female is the problem while the male looks like the victim when it’s only one side of the story.


They are the type to text each other, for what feels like every minute of the day. Even if you’re hanging out with one of them, they’re too busy texting the other to notice what you’re wearing.

I guess that’s what happens when people swear they are good but won’t tell people the other side of the story.

If you’re longing to be in a relationship, be in a healthy one. Sure, all relationships have problems, but enough is enough. Love yourself enough to be able to love and trust someone completely.

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