Memories in July

July has been month of learning. Normally, I can’t keep a routine to save my life but with these books, apps, etc, I was able to do all of these everyday, at least once a day. I am thankful for everyday because we can take the opportunity of living as days for learning, wisdom and intelligence. Even though I’ve graduated, I’ve learned more about myself than I thought with these favorites of mine.

Spending Time with People 

I recently went on a trip to California with my parents. It has been inspiring and motivating. My parents have friends in California but they haven’t seen their friends in more than 10+ years but always kept in touch. Sure, they take pictures to capture moments but it’s the quality of the time being spent laughing, talking about old times and talking about the path they are on now. Those are the moments you can’t capture but you live in the moment. Friendships.jpg

I hope we can all keep at least one friend throughout our life because it is difficult to know who your true friends are. We always feel the need to fit in and find a group of people to go out with. When really, you need to find just one friend and make some memories. I put this in my favorites because it’s taught me to be more aware of the people around me and be more social, especially since I’m an introvert. 

Going to Church 

If you know me, you know I am a Buddhist but now I’m also a newly Christian. I’ve always felt closer to Christianity, especially in the darker parts of my life. A few months ago, my friend Nevada talked about her faith and the passion in her eyes was phenomenal. I wanted that passion. I’ve always wanted to go to church, learn about the bible, listen to worship music and act as how Jesus acted. She went to a church that I graduated high school from but because I had so many bad memories of who I was there, I didn’t feel comfortable going back.

Then I went to a service anyways and I loved it. Whenever the pastor speaks, it’s like he’s speaking to my soul. After service, we sat in a cafe to talk about her journey and more about God. Something in my heart felt right when I said, “I think I’m ready to become a Christian.” She asked, “Are you sure?” I hesitated but I knew the answer, which was yes. Then something happened that seemed like asking God to come in my life and work on me. Since He is the potter and we are His clay.

From then on, my spiritual journey began. I now read the Youversion Bible app at least once a day. I read the devotionals, which are like little lessons talking about certain topics and you can read the scriptures pertaining the topic. If you’re like me, you’re not a fan of reading on screens so I bought an actual Bible to highlight and learn from.

I’m listening to podcasts and YouTube videos pertaining to Christianity. One of the YouTube channels I watched was Coffee and Bible Time. The first video Iwatched from this channel was, “My Current Christian Faves.” Then I went into a rabbit hole and watched almost all of their videos. It’s a good resource for new Christians, such as myself. They have videos on prayer routines, how to keep faith when it gets hard and simplest ways to study the bible. 

A podcast I’ve been loving is the Daily Grace podcast, they also have an app as well. For the podcast, they go deep into topics such as theology and what it means, they’ve interviewed a woman who lost a child and how she is keeping her faith alive and how to keep scriptures in your heart and mind. The app has articles pertaining to being free from fear, being interrupted by God and has summaries for each podcasts. You can also do Bible studies on it, although there are only a couple of free ones. The rest you have to pay, which are $19.99 each. The app and podcast is a great resource as well.

Out of A Far Country by Christopher Yuan and Angela Yuan is an eye-opening, page turner kind of book. Christopher and Angela are amother and son duo. Angela has been through a rough stage in her life and ultimately turns to the Lord. Christopher is like a rebellious son who happens to be gay. He resisted the Lord’s love, especially since God said gays are an abomination.

Then Christopher came to find the term Holy Sexuality. Meaning, God would rather someone be committed to just one person and do right by them. While being single, it’s better to work on yourself and your relationship with the Lord. Then when your life aligns with God, go ahead and invite a lover in, but only with good intentions. See, Christopher realized that God said, it was an abomination, meaning the act itself and not the people. Their journey is one that I’m glad is told. It’s worth reading.

Nothing in life is ever easy but when you believe, act, and keep learning about life and yourself, there’s nothing greater than that. You truly can’t buy happiness so instead, invest in yourself and go on your journey.

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