• Makes you forget the beautiful things in life
  • Makes you forget the friends and family who loves you
  • Makes you forget there’s someone out there who’d be crushed if you died
  • Makes you forget you were once filled with laughter
  • Makes you forget you have dreams and goals you want to achieve
  • Makes you forget you want to find love one day
  • Makes you forget you need to love yourself and put yourself first
  • Makes you forget doctors and your parents have fought for your life
  • Makes you forget all of the medical bills it took to help you get better
  • Makes you forget all of your hobbies
  • Makes you forget about everything you love

Depression takes a lot from you but try to fight a little longer. One day, you’ll laugh so much more, love so fiercely and hurt much less. Even if something gets taken away from you, remember to put yourself first and check in with yourself. Everyone else can wait.

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