A Very Much Needed Self-Care

We are all burnt out human beings. We take on more than we can handle but we do it anyways to prove to ourselves that we can do it. I’ve been feeling like that as well. I’m trying to do too much when I should do at least three tasks. I’m slowly getting better at it. I am trying to focus on three big tasks that needs to be finished. Everyone should have at least one day off for ourselves. 

For now, my days off are Mondays and Wednesdays. These two days are the only days I can fit my writing in. Otherwise, I’d have to wake up at 7 a.m. in order to finish. In order for that to happen, I need to stop sleeping at midnight. 

Some days, I need to stop and relax. I need to remember why I’m grateful for things I am able to do. Whenever I need to step back from my responsibilities, these are what I enjoy doing. 

Fun Shower Essentials 

Of course, everyone showers but these products I’ve purchased has made me enjoy showering even more. I usually shower at night but there are times where I want to shower before I start my day.


Shower Jellies 

A couple weeks ago, I purchased Twilight Shower Jellies from Lush. I was attracted to the beauty of it but the smell was even better. The scent is described as a “calming lavender flower fusion and lavender oil blended with fragrant tonka absolute and sensual ylang ylang oil to create a familiar Sleepy scent.” This costs $8.95 and contains 3.5 oz. 

You scoop a small amount of the product and then slather it on your body. A little does go a long way. This will also break easily in the shower. How I like to use it is, I scoop a decent amount of product, step away from the water then use it on my body. After that, I’ll step towards the water and shower it off. Make sure you’re holding to the product nice and tight or else it’ll go down the drain. Some people may not like the shower jellies because it can fall apart easily but I love it. 

Body Conditioner 

I’m using Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner from Lush. My cousin introduced this to me when I was traveling to Toronto, Canada. We sampled this at Lush so my cousin just used this on my hands. I didn’t rinse at the time and wondered why I was so hydrated yet sticky. When I arrived home, I immediately purchased this product at my nearest Lush store. I checked to see how you would use this. I thought I’d have to use it after I put on body lotion. Turns out, you use this in the shower. You use your shower gel first, then you put a nice amount of body conditioner, wait for a few seconds and then rinse. 

I did purchase this at Lush so the price was fairly high for me. It costs $35.95 for 7.5 oz but it works so well and I will forever continue to use this. On Lush’s website, it states this has a juicy and fruity scent. This product contains cocoa, shea, and cupuacu butters along with brazil nut, almond and argan oil. After you rinse, it’ll have a vanilla and rose scent. 

When you open the product, it’s a beautiful, light, nude color and the scent of cocoa, shea butter, vanilla and rose fragrance rise to your nose and you close your eyes to inhale it. Wow, what a delight. Everytime I use this, it puts a smile on my face. After you rinse it, your skin does feel hydrated and very soft. My skin doesn’t usually react well to floral scents but I haven’t found a problem with this conditioner. 

Rising Star

Self-Care Activity Cards 

I found My Quality Time Self-Care Activity Deck 2nd Edition on Kickstarter and you can check it out at Dejadrewit.com. I was drawn to the illustrations and it’s like a tarot deck. There are 44 cards and each one has a fun activity you can do such as unplugging from social media or treating yourself to a dessert. I like to shuffle the deck and ask, “What shall I do today?” I draw the card and I’d like to do it at least once throughout the day. I am in love with it and will never stop using it. This deck reminds me to love and take care of myself. 

Tri Star Skatepark


I am one with many talents. I enjoy photography, skateboarding, writing, reading, watching TV and playing video games. I will include all of that in my self-care routine. I enjoy skateboarding because it makes me feel alive and free. It also requires a lot of skills, especially balance. My goal for skateboarding is to do at least one trick by the end of next year and to not fall so much. 

I love photography so much I turn everything into a photoshoot. I’m trying to improve it and build a portfolio. I always go to the same places so I like to visit different places near me to see the potential. 

I watch TV shows like it’s nobody’s business. I am obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy and A Little Late With Lily Singh. I also start a lot of TV shows at one time so it’ll take me awhile to finish a series. It makes my mood so much happier, especially when I’m preparing for work. 

My self-care is very simple yet fulfilling. I don’t workout while doing this routine because I want to be as relaxed as possible. Plus, my hours will be spent catching up to TV shows.


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  1. Michael Wilk · December 7

    Some items that help work for me:

    Nubian Heritage brand African Black Soap

    Safety razors and shave soap from Dr. Jon’s.


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