Alison DiLaurentis- The Girl Who Changed

In Pretty Little Liars, Alison DiLaurentis was famously known as the “it girl”, the girl who everyone wanted to be and every boy wanted to date. She was a beautiful girl but had a nasty heart. She tend to manipulate people into doing things her way and was cruel, not only in her words but in her actions as well. She was a high class bully. She may be a bully but she had four friends who stood by her, especially if it helped their social status.

The four friends were Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria. Emily was the athlete of the group, Hanna was the fashionista, Spencer was the brains and Aria was the creative one. They may have different interests but their friend group remained. One day, Alison DiLaurentis disappeared and everyone thought she was dead. Turns out, someone wanted her dead. Alison had been running away to survive. Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Aria’s bond had become closer, especially when they all received threatening messages from A. They looked out for each other.

Alison may have crossed a lot of people but she didn’t understand why terrible things were happening to her. In the end, they all were safe and remained friends. Instead of just the four girls, it became five.

Alison thought a lot about how she behaved towards other people. In the end, she became a lot nicer even if people didn’t believe her. No one thought she could change because they all still perceived her as the bully. In their minds, once a mean girl will always be a mean girl.

Back then, I was like Alison. I wasn’t a very nice person in elementary school. In fact, I was really mean but only in my words. When middle school came around, I didn’t want to be that mean person anymore. I was too tired. I wanted to change and be nicer and so I did. Of course, the people I wasn’t very kind to to, did the same to me. They bullied, ridiculed me and some said I was a mistake. I may have been mean but I never told anyone that they were a mistake.

They didn’t believe I changed, or they thought I did but didn’t care. In fact, they changed but for the worse. In middle school and high school, no one liked me and I thought I deserved it. I may have been mean but I didn’t talk about people behind their backs nor did I spread rumors but they all did. It was almost everyone in my grade who were toxic. There were a few people who were kind to me.

I was ridiculed and bullied so much that I was miserable and suicidal. I wished it would all stop. I don’t think people truly understand the effect of words it can have on people. As I was going through this, I also analyzed my behavior in the past and how I can learn from it.

The day I graduated high school was the day I finally felt free. For a long time I thought I deserved all the mean things coming my way but I didn’t. It was them who showed their true colors and I am glad I didn’t react badly to it. I will always try to become a better person.

That’s the thing about humans, we can change. It’s possible to become a better human being even if people don’t believe you. If you want to change, then change for the better. Do it for yourself, not for anyone else. Change, even if no one believes you. You’re not doing it for them, you’re doing it for yourself.


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