Downtown Cleveland

There is much to discover about Cleveland. Whether you’re looking for restaurants, a place to study or to take pictures, Downtown Cleveland is a great place to visit. What does Cleveland mean to me?

Although I’m from Cleveland, I haven’t explored many places because I moved when I was 4. When I do come to Cleveland, these two places are where I visit the most. In the first picture, Cleveland means places to go for enjoyment. Near Edgewater, I enjoy visiting at night to see the lights and the buildings, and of course, the beach. It’s where I can listen to music through my headphones while seeing the sunrise and the sunset.

In the second picture, I spent my childhood at Tower City, mainly because my mom used to work there. At a young age, I remembered I would always say hello to every customer who walked in when she was working because I was bored and didn’t have anyone to speak with. Ever since I was a kid, I would always go to this particular fountain and have  a coin in hand so I could make a wish and toss it in.


ClevelandTower City 1


Film In Cleveland

I’ve interviewed Gregory Elek, writer for the Vindicator, which is Cleveland State University’s Arts and Culture Magazine, and discussed his article Film In Cleveland.