Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my blog! My posts will not consist of just current issues or photos but a variety of content. This blog is about personal experience, opinions about current events and music.

My name is Chau. I am a Journalism student with a minor in marketing who enjoys writing about issues, events and expresses personal opinion. When I was little, I actually hated writing because my fingers would be cramped and I didn’t have anything to write about. When certain events happened, I starting writing about my emotions since I was never good at expressing them in person. Ever since then, I started writing poetry and journal entries. I have 3 journals. One of them is a list for books, TV shows and movies so I can keep track of what I’ve read/seen so far, ¬†another is for when I want to talk about my daily life so it would feel as if someone was listening and the last journal is a book filled with my favorite movie, book, and music quotes.

I didn’t realize I had a lot of opinions about current issues and not just myself but I enjoy interviewing others to understand the inside of their mind on issues. Writing what I and other people think for the intergalactic web for everyone to see can be daunting because you’ll never know what kind of reaction you will receive but I don’t mind putting my work out there. I do have a passion for writing, which is the main reason why I am a Journalism major.

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